2013-14 Home Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
281:00PMWomen's SoccervsCumberland Univ.
283:00PMMen's SoccervsCumberland Univ.
287:00PMVolleyballvsUniversity of the Cumberlands
46:30PMVolleyballvsUnion College
74:30PMWomen's SoccervsBrenau University
96:00PMJV Men's SoccervsEast Ridge Futbol Club
136:00PMVolleyballvsSt. Andrews College
141:00PMWomen's SoccervsSt. Andrews College
142:00PMVolleyballvsColumbia College
143:00PMMen's SoccervsSt. Andrews College
172:00PMWomen's SoccervsTruett-McConnell College
174:30PMMen's SoccervsTruett-McConnell College
19 Men's GolfvsMilligan College
 Champions Cup
195:00PMJV Men's SoccervsBryan College
206:30PMVolleyballvsMontreat College
2112:30PMWomen's SoccervsUniversity of the Cumberlands
213:00PMMen's SoccervsUniversity of the Cumberlands
24 Women's GolfTennessee Wesleyan College Fall Invitational
246:30PMVolleyballvsBryan College
265:30PMJV Men's SoccervsCovenant College
15:00PMJV Men's SoccervsTBA
 vs. Inter Futbol Academy
16:30PMVolleyballvsPoint University
84:30PMWomen's SoccervsBryan College
86:30PMVolleyballvsTruett-McConnell College
93:00PMMen's SoccervsBryan College
161:00PMWomen's SoccervsPoint University
163:15PMMen's SoccervsPoint University
186:00PMVolleyballvsVirginia Intermont College
1911:00AMVolleyballvsMilligan College
191:00PMWomen's SoccervsUnion College
193:15PMMen's SoccervsUnion College
233:00PMMen's SoccervsTennessee Temple
244:00PMJV Men's SoccervsTennessee Temple
22:00PMWomen's BasketballvsMarian College
56:30PMVolleyballvsReinhardt University
86:00PMMen's BasketballvsDalton State College
912:00PMWomen's SoccervsMilligan College
 @AAC Championships-Quarterfinal Round
92:30PMMen's SoccervsSt. Andrews College
 AAC Championships - Quarterfinal Round
135:30PMWomen's BasketballvsMontreat College
137:30PMMen's BasketballvsMontreat College
265:30PMWomen's BasketballvsMilligan College
267:30PMMen's BasketballvsMilligan College
42:00PMWomen's BasketballvsColumbia College
44:00PMMen's BasketballvsHiwassee College
112:00PMWomen's BasketballvsVirginia Intermont College
114:00PMMen's BasketballvsVirginia Intermont College
155:30PMWomen's BasketballvsPoint University
157:30PMMen's BasketballvsPoint University
18 Men's Indoor Track@ ETSU Niswonger Invite
18 Women's Indoor Track@ ETSU Niswonger Invite
225:30PMWomen's BasketballvsReinhardt University
227:30PMMen's BasketballvsReinhardt University
26 Men's Indoor Track@ Emory Crossplex
26 Women's Indoor Track@ Emory Crossplex
305:30PMWomen's BasketballvsTruett-McConnell College
307:30PMMen's BasketballvsTruett-McConnell College
12:00PMWomen's BasketballvsUnion College
14:00PMMen's BasketballvsUnion College
45:30PMWomen's BasketballvsTennessee Temple
47:30PMMen's BasketballvsTennessee Temple
66:00PMWomen's BasketballvsTalladega College
 Talladega Ranked 22 in NAIA D1.
7 Men's Indoor Track@ Cedarville Invite
7 Women's Indoor Track@ Cedarville Invite
72:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
812:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
8Game 2BaseballvsUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
812:00PMWomen's BasketballvsSt. Andrews College
81:00PMMen's TennisvsCarson-Newman College
 @ Fairfield Glade
82:00PMMen's BasketballvsSt. Andrews College
82:00PMMen's LacrossevsPoint University
15 Men's Indoor Track@ UCS Invite
15 Women's Indoor Track@ UCS Invite
152:00PMWomen's BasketballvsBryan College
154:00PMMen's BasketballvsBryan College
161:30PMBaseballvsIndiana Institute of Technology
162:00PMMen's TennisvsOxford College of Emory University
16Game 2BaseballvsIndiana Institute of Technology
182:00PMBaseballvsMartin Methodist
194:30PMMen's TennisvsJohnson University
194:30PMWomen's TennisvsJohnson University
213:00PMBaseballvsIndiana University Southeast
2212:00PMBaseballvsIndiana University Southeast
22Game 2BaseballvsIndiana University Southeast
2212:00PMWomen's LacrossevsSCAD Savannah
222:00PMMen's LacrossevsTennessee-Chattanooga
232:00PMBaseballvsPoint Park University
24Game 2JV SoftballvsUniversity of the Cumberlands
243:00PMJV SoftballvsUniversity of the Cumberlands
262:00PMBaseballvsLindsey Wilson
271:00PMJV BaseballvsBryan College
27Game 2JV BaseballvsBryan College
274:00PMWomen's LacrossevsLees-McRae College
275:15PMMen's BasketballvsVirginia Intermont College
 AAC Tournament in Kingsport, Tenn.
13:00PMMen's LacrossevsSCAD Savannah
34:00PMMen's TennisvsBethel University
 @ Tampa, FL
34:00PMWomen's TennisvsBethel University
 @ Tampa, FL
51:00PMBaseballvsFaulkner University
5Game 2BaseballvsFaulkner University
72:00PMBaseballvsReinhardt University
812:00PMBaseballvsReinhardt University
8Game 2BaseballvsReinhardt University
81:00PMSoftballvsTaylor University
8Game 2SoftballvsTaylor University
9 Men's Golf@ Tusculum- Link Hills Golf and Country Club
91:00PMSoftballvsConcordia University
9Game 2SoftballvsConcordia University
123:00PMBaseballvsSouthern Poly
123:00PMWomen's TennisvsCarson-Newman College
124:30PMWomen's LacrossevsReinhardt University
142:00PMBaseballvsPurdue University Calumet
1512:00PMWomen's TennisvsColumbia College
18 Men's GolfEagle Invitational
193:00PMJV BaseballvsWalters State Community College
193:30PMWomen's LacrossevsMidland University
212:00PMBaseballvsBryan College
212:00PMSoftballvsMilligan College
21Game 2SoftballvsMilligan College
213:00PMMen's TennisvsUnion College
213:00PMWomen's TennisvsUnion College
214:00PMWomen's LacrossevsSt. Andrews College
22 Men's Outdoor Track@ Emory Invite
22 Women's Outdoor Track@Emory Invitational
2212:00PMBaseballvsBryan College
22Game 2BaseballvsBryan College
2212:00PMMen's TennisvsReinhardt University
2212:00PMWomen's TennisvsReinhardt University
231:00PMWomen's LacrossevsEmmanuel College
25 Men's Golf@ Trevecca Nazarene Invitational Old Hickory Golf and Country Club
25 Women's GolfTennessee Wesleyan Spring Invitational
253:00PMBaseballvsCumberland Univ.
253:00PMSoftballvsTrevecca Nazarene University
25Game 2SoftballvsTrevecca Nazarene University
263:00PMMen's TennisvsPoint University
263:00PMSoftballvsMontreat College
26Game 2SoftballvsMontreat College
263:00PMWomen's TennisvsPoint University
271:00PMJV BaseballvsMaryville College
27Game 2JV BaseballvsMaryville College
29 Men's Outdoor Track@ Shorter Invite
29 Women's Outdoor TrackShorter Invite
2911:00AMMen's TennisvsWestern Kentucky
2912:00PMWomen's LacrossevsLindenwood University-Belleville
1 Men's Golf@ AAC Spring Championship Lake Tansi Golf Course, Crossville, TN
12:00PMSoftballvsSt. Andrews College
1Game 2SoftballvsSt. Andrews College
22:00PMBaseballvsHiwassee College
5 Men's Outdoor Track@ Embry Riddle Spikes Classic
5 Women's Outdoor Track@ Embry Riddle Spikes Classic
51:00PMBaseballvsVirginia Intermont College
5Game 2BaseballvsVirginia Intermont College
51:00PMMen's LacrossevsEmmanuel College
54:00PMWomen's LacrossevsShorter University
54:00PMWomen's LacrossevsColumbia College
61:00PMSoftballvsColumbia College
62:00PMBaseballvsVirginia Intermont College
6Game 2SoftballvsColumbia College
64:30PMMen's LacrossevsEmory University
83:00PMMen's TennisvsMaryville College
83:00PMWomen's TennisvsMaryville College
119:00AMMen's TennisvsUnion College
119:00AMWomen's TennisvsUnion College
113:00PMSoftballvsTruett-McConnell College
114:30PMWomen's LacrossevsColumbia College
11Game 2SoftballvsTruett-McConnell College
12 Men's Outdoor Track@ Univ. of TN Relays
12 Men's Outdoor Track@ UC Invite
12 Women's Outdoor Track@ Univ. of TN Relays
12 Women's Outdoor Track@ UC Invite
15 Men's Golf@ AAC Direct Qualifier- Governors Towne Club
17 Men's Outdoor TrackAAC Championships
17 Women's Outdoor TrackAAC Championships
182:00PMBaseballvsTruett-McConnell College
191:00PMBaseballvsTruett-McConnell College
19Game 2BaseballvsTruett-McConnell College
211:00PMJV BaseballvsRoane State CC
21Game 2JV BaseballvsRoane State CC
25 Men's Outdoor TrackBryan Swiftwick Invite
25 Women's Outdoor TrackBryan Swiftwick Invite
261:00PMBaseballvsUnion College
26Game 2BaseballvsUnion College
272:00PMBaseballvsUnion College
 Senior Day
3 Men's Outdoor Track@Tennessee Challenge
3 Women's Outdoor Track@Tennessee Challenge