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Cheerleading - Mon, Feb. 9, 2009
Please bring the form that is attached.
Dance Team:
Please wear dance pants, tank top or fitted shirt, dance shoes/athletic shoes
No jewelry except for post earrings. Hair should be pulled back.
Dancers will be judged on ability, jumps (leaps), turns, appearance and how quickly choreography is learned. Please bring 30 second prepared routine. This can be free-style or choreographed. You can bring your own music or use music provided. All dancers will have to learn a one minute routine that will be performed in a small group and taught the day of the try-out.
For information regarding the dance team or try-outs please contact:
[email protected] or [email protected]
Cheer Squad:
Please wear black cheer shorts and a plain white t-shirt or tank top/cheer shoes. Hair must be neatly pulled back and no jewelry. Wear a little makeup but do not over do it.
Evaluations will be based upon the follow criteria:
  • All cheerleaders trying out will be required to learn a cheer, a chant, and a dance.
  • All cheerleaders will be required to demonstrate several jumps (toe touch, pike, and front hurdler).
  • Tumbling is not a necessity, but is a bonus. (If you tumble, you will be asked to demonstrate your best standing skill, and your best running tumbling pass, the minimum skills considered tumbling are standing back handspring, and round-off back handspring.)
  • Stunting ability: We understand that everyone has certain positions they fee most comfortable, but you may be asked to try something new and/or difference. 
GO Bulldogs!!