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Quincy Scates scores 23 for the Bulldogs
Quincy Scates scores 23 for the Bulldogs
Men's Basketball - Thu, Feb. 16, 2012

The Bulldogs traveled to Montreat College on Wednesday and came home the 2012 AAC Regular Season Champions. With the win over Montreat, the Bulldogs maintained a two game lead over Reinhardt University, with only one regular season game left to play, which will be Saturday at 4:00 pm against Reinhardt. 

The Bulldogs had an eleven point lead at the half, 46-35, but allowed the Cavs of Montreat to come back in the second half and outscore them by 10 points.  The Bulldogs defeated the Cavaliers by one, 91-90. The Bulldogs shot 53% the first half including 4 for 12 from behind the arc. In the second half, Bulldogs shooting percentage increased to 63% but the Bulldogs put up 10 less shots. Matt Harper and Shannon Smith each put up the only "3s" in the second half which were both good.   The Bulldogs forced 15 turnovers while committing 14 of their own.


Desmond Crisp and Quincy Scates led the Bulldogs with 23 points. Shannon Smith put in 14 points and Matt Harper had 12 points with 7 rebounds. E'Jay Ward had 7 points, 7 assists, and 3 steals. Jesse Booher hit 2 "3s" to score six, while Josh Gregory also had 6. 

The Bulldogs will play at home on Saturday, and then will begin the AAC Tournament next Tuesday. They will host the number 8 team which is still undecided, with Milligan and Union both tied at 5-10. Milligan will host Point on Saturday and Union will travel to Bryan.