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Men's Soccer - Tue, Jun. 12, 2012

The Tennessee Wesleyan College men's soccer team announced today the signing of Josh Martin. Josh is a striker from Huddersfield, England.

Josh has all the qualities required to become a quality striker. He is quick, has a very good understanding of how to play the striker position and knows where the goal is. He can play with his back to goal and is also very good at making intelligent well-timed runs, which invariably end up with him getting into shooting positions.


Josh's high school coach in England said of Josh "Josh Martin is a very committed and enthusiastic soccer player. He has a good first touch and good understanding of when and where to run, he also times his runs very well. He has good movement and anticipation in the penalty area and does score his fair share of goals."

Martin will join TWC's already prolific attacking force who last season scored 48 goals in 19 games, which is an average of over 2.5 goals a game. When asked how he felt Martin would fit in TWC attacking line up head coach Stephen Lyons said, "yes we scored a lot of goals last season but in my opinion that was without a recognized striker. My hope is that Josh will be that out and out striker we have lacked over the past couple of seasons and free other players up to play their natural game."

TWC look forward to seeing Josh in action over the next four years.