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Men's Lacrosse - Fri, Mar. 1, 2013

The Bulldogs faced off against the Georgia Southern Eagles for their second home game of the season. The Bulldogs were excited and confident going into this game having their goalie Brandon Scott back for a full game. The Bulldogs played the best game they have played yet this season. The attack was finishing and the defense completely shut those eagles down. Goals were scored by Justin Bell(2), Zack Klinker(3), Will Munley(2), Dalton O'Connell(2), and Taylor Weibe(2). Brandon Scott had an excellent game with 12 saves leaving his save percentage at .893 going into our next game. The Bulldog's defense disserves a pat on the back for controlling the opponents with their exceptional communication and owning the ground balls, so a special shout out to Keevin Staples, Qinn Savant, Brandon Self, and Devon Sutton. GO BULLDOGS!

The Bulldogs play tonight in Knoxville at UT against Missouri Baptist at 7:00 pm.