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Women's Lacrosse - Fri, Mar. 15, 2013

Caitlin Dryer from Brentwood, Tennessee has signed to play for the Tennessee Wesleyan Lady Bulldogs in the fall of 2013. Caitlin has played many sports such as basketball, soccer, softball, and she swam but she always felt like something was missing, until she started playing lacrosse. Caitlin's lacrosse career began when she and her father decided to create a middle school team for her school in Memphis during her sixth grade year. She started off playing attack, although getting all the fame and glory was amazing, that didn't last long. The need for a goalie became apparent halfway through her 2nd year playing, she is always up for new challenges, so she stepped up to the plate and took on the position. She hasn't looked back since, she believes it has made her a better person!


Since moving to Nashville she has started on her varsity team at Ravenwood High School, as well as had the privilege to play on a well known competitive team named TNLAX for the past 3 years. In 2012 she earned an All-Region acknowledgement and was invited by TGLA to play in the All-star game.


Caitlin is following her heart and passion for helping children with special needs and majoring in Special Education.