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Women's Tennis - Wed, Apr. 10, 2013

Wendi Watson has signed to play tennis at Tennessee Wesleyan College just like her brothers have.

"I feel like the pressure is off my shoulders and I'm just happy and excited," Watson explained. "I really like the campus and I really like the coach and the players on the team."

Watson's accomplishments during her junior year are impressive and speak highly of her skill level and work ethic.

"First of all Wendi is a great kid and she comes from a good family. Both of her brothers played at Tennessee Wesleyan so she understands the tradition there, the school, and what kind of player we are looking for," Tennessee Wesleyan head coach Eric LaRue stated.

"She was our No. 2 player last year as a junior. Then, when we played district and regions she was our No. 1 doubles and did really well. She was our No. 2 doubles for most of the season. She's a good player and a very hard worker," Walker Valley head coach Elaine Policastro said of her recently signed senior.

"She has a good drop shot and a good serve. She's strong, has a lot of stamina and doesn't get tired. She's very consistent and a very good player. I know what to expect from her and she delivers."

Watson enjoys playing both singles and doubles, but stated she favors doubles. While she knows that she will be a freshman playing on a team made up of many seniors, Watson still hopes to make an impact.

Coach LaRue feels that Watson is a good fit for his team, and believes his team is headed towards much success.  "When she came in and visited the school and practiced with the team, all of the girls liked her right away, so it was a good fit for our program," LaRue commented. "She'll be a very solid five and six as a freshman.