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Men's Lacrosse - Wed, Sep. 2, 2015

Coach Parker is very excited to announce the new additions to the team for the 2015-2016 year.  Parker's statement on the incoming group: "We brought in a great class and will be deeper and stronger than ever before.  We brought in 14 new players from all over and are very excited to see them mesh together this fall."

Defensive/Goalie additions:

Austin Rosette – 6'4" 175lbs, Santa Claira, CA, D - "Good hands, good size, and good athleticism, but what really stands out about Austin is his character, he is a great person from a good family and I see him doing great things on and off the field here at TWC."  - Coach Parker

Taurus Harvell – 5'9" 235lbs, Memphis, TN, D - "No doubt about it Taurus is a bull, very strong, with quick feet and quick hands.  He throws some hard checks, slide well with his body, and is good a picking up GBs." - Coach Parker

Monte Haas – 6'2" 215lbs, Thurston, OR, D - "Size and athleticism, he is your do it all defenseman, he can shut you down, then pick the ball up and start the offense.  Long poles the can carry the ball can change a game, and I believe Monte has the ability to do just that." - Coach Parker

Michael Pearson – 5'10" 190lbs Springfield, OR, D - "Michael was a great late addition to our defensive unit, he comes from a great program at Western Oregon University and will be one of our most experienced D poles on the field.  He is already establishing himself as one of our defensive leaders and we are expecting great things from him this year." - Coach Parker

Jake Gover – 6'1" 180lbs Baltimore, MD, LSM - "Jake is a weapon at LSM, he is a good athlete and will make you pay for any mistakes you make against him.  Offensives will have to plan for him when they play us.  We are excited to get him on the field and let him free." - Coach Parker

Jorge Zetina – 6' 215lbs Nashville, TN, D - "His strength and his work ethic are going to be what sets Jorge apart from a typical defenseman.  He wants the extra work and thrives with it.  It will be fun watching him on the field this season." - Coach Parker

Tristian Senn – 6' 165lbs Etowah, TN, SSDM - "This is Tristian's first year playing lacrosse but after watching his football highlights we have no doubt he has the athleticism to turn into a good lacrosse player.  Having an athletic defensive middie is a great plus in this game and we believe Tristian can be just that for the Bulldogs." - Coach Parker

Alexander Waller – 6'2" 250lbs Birmingham, AL, G - "Waller is a great addition in goal for us.  He is a great teammate and a good lacrosse player that has a tremendous upside.  He has very quick hands and makes some great saves." - Coach Parker


Ian Gonzalez – 5'8" 145lbs Pembroke Pines, FL, M – "Ian is a shifty midfielder who has come a long way since his first visit to TWC.  He is a gifted athlete with the ability to carry the ball and shoot on the run.  He adds depth to our midfield and we are very excited to see him running the field this spring." - Coach Parker

Stephen LeFaivre – 6' 185lbs Taneytown, MD, M – "Stephen is a big middie with a hard shot, just the type of middie every team needs.  As he learns the offense and gets stronger he will be a match up problem for the opposing team.  It is going to be interesting to see how he develops this fall as he has a lot of potential to be a big part of our offense." - Coach Parker

Levi Land – 6' 165lbs Springfield, OR, A/M – "Levi has a nose for the goal which will make him a key part of our offense this spring.  Size and speed are two things he brings to the field that many teams will have issues controlling.  Levi's is another high character person and we are looking forward to him developing into a leader on this team in the years to come." - Coach Parker

Caleb Smith – 6'5" 205lbs Knoxville, TN, M – "Hard and heavy is the best way to describe his shot, and being 6'5" will create a lot of opportunities for him to get that shot off.  Caleb loves playing the game and is a very versatile player that if need be could play defense or goalie.  His enthusiasm for TWC and Lacrosse make him the type of player any coach would be lucky to have." - Coach Parker

Alex Pick – 5'9" 160 Huntingtown, MD, A/M – "The coaching staff is very excited to have Alex on campus.  His lacrosse I.Q. alone will make him invaluable to us this year on offense.   He has a great stick and a good motor to go along with field vision that makes it dangerous to slide to him because he will make you pay." - Coach Parker

 Roderick Williams 5'9" 175lbs Birmingham, AL A/M – "When it is hard to figure out which hand a player is you know he is something special.  Rod is comfortable with his stick in either hand and the more he learns from our veterans the harder he will be to stop.  He gets stronger every day, it is going to be very fun to watch him this spring." - Coach Parker