Bulldogs In The Pros
Major League      
Tom Browning LHP Cincinnati Reds 1982 Draft-9th Round
Ron Campbell INF Chicago Cubs Free Agent Sign
Jim Henderson RHP Milwaukee Brewers 2003 Draft-26th Round
Minor League      
Steve Hawes OF Pittsburgh Pirates 1977 Draft-37th Round
Randy Reed INF Cincinnati Reds 1979 Draft-40th Round
William Fuggatt C Detroit Tigers 1984 Draft-23rd Round
Mike Shellnut RHP Cleveland Indians 1984 Draft-23rd Round
Denny Summerall OF Chicago Cubs 2002 Free Agent Sign
Leo Grullon OF Detroit Tigers 2004 Draft-31st Round
Matt Norfleet RHP Detroit Tigers 2005 Draft-22nd Round
Zack Sterner RHP Philadelphia Phillies 2007 Draft-17th Round
Cole McCurry LHP Baltimore Orioles 2007 Draft-43rd Round
Jered Stanley OF Boston Red Sox 2007 Free Agent Sign
Vladimir Frias INF San Francisco Giants 2008 Draft-30th Round
Hamilton Bennett LHP New York Mets 2010 Draft-29th Round
Freddy Lewis LHP New York Yankees 2010 Draft-47th Round
Sam Munson OF Atlanta Braves 2011 Draft-23rd Round
David Bergin OF St Louis Cardinals 2011 Draft-30th Round
Jeremy Fitzgerald RHP Atlanta Braves 2012 Draft-21st Round
Levi Dean RHP Seattle Mariners 2012 Draft- 23rd Round
Stephen Branca INF San Fransico Giants 2012 Free Agent Sign
Jordan Guida C Detroit Tigers 2012 Free Agent Sign
Alfonso Yevoli LHP Atlanta Braves 2012 Free Agent Sign
Michael Carballo OF Chicago White Sox 2013 Draft- 18th Round
Jake Stone INF St. Louis Cardinals 2013 Draft- 27th Round
Justin Sprenger RHP Texas Rangers 2013 Draft- 29th Round
Corey Rhoney RHP Kansas City Royals 2013 Free Agent Sign
Tyler Wilson RHP San Diego Padres 2014 Draft- 20th Round
Independent League      
Chris Seaton RHP Schaumburg Flyers 2002 Free Agent Sign
Josh Lindstrom C Jackson Senators 2005 Free Agent Sign
Steve Hassett LHP Lancaster Barnstormers 2006 Free Agent Sign
Chris Brownsten RHP Alexandria Aces 2006 Free Agent Sign
Brian Tanguy RHP Brockton Rox 2007 Free Agent Sign
Matt Leake OF River City Rascals 2007 Free Agent Sign
Dale Phillips RHP Midwest Sliders 2008 Free Agent Sign
Kris Jiggitts RHP Schaumburg Flyers 2008 Free Agent Sign
Tyler Moyneur INF New York Empires 2010 Free Agent Sign
Jonny Smith OF Florence Freedom 2011 Free Agent Sign
Taylor Oldham INF Washington Wild Things 2012 Free Agent Sign
Matt Brennan RHP London Road Warriors 2012 Free Agent Sign
Zach Fleshman RHP Washington Wild Things 2013 Free Agent Sign
Noah Piard RHP Alpine Cowboys 2014 Free Agent Sign