Featured Athlete
Nigel Lake
Nigel Lake
Men's Soccer
October 17, 2012

Year: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Parent's Name: Dale and Barry Lake
What drives you as an athlete? my team and coaches to reach the same goals
Favorite Beverage: Fruit Punch
Favorite T.V Show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Actor: Will Smith
Favorite Pro Team: Barcelona
Favorite Brand of Shoe: Adidas
Favorite Colors: Red, Blue
Morning or Night: Night
Eat Out or cook: Cook
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Steak or Fish: Fish
Pro or College: College
Dog or Cat: Dog
Text or Call: Text
Dance or Sing: Dance
Email or Twitter: Twitter
MySpace or Facebook: Facebook