Tennessee Wesleyan College Athletics Staff
 Donny MayfieldAthletic Director[email protected]423-746-5253
 Grant WillhiteFaculty Athletic Representative[email protected]423-746-5236
 Jennifer HarrisonDirector of Sports Information[email protected]423-252-1365
 Ray StoneCoordinator of Athletic Event Manag[email protected]423-746-5263
Athletic Trainers'
 Kelley SeekinsHead Athletic Trainer[email protected]423-252-1104
 Frances GilbertAssistant Athletic Trainer[email protected]423-746-5290
 Travis WatsonHead Baseball Coach[email protected]423-746-5277
 Matt McCrackenAssistant Baseball Coach[email protected]423-746-5296
 Robert ClaytonAssistant Baseball Coach[email protected]423-746-5296
Men's Basketball
 Mike PoeHead Men's Basketball Coach[email protected]423-746-5264
 Ray StoneAssistant Men's Basketball Coach[email protected]423-746-5263
 John FergusonJV Men's Basketball Coach[email protected]423-746-5314
Women's Basketball
 Jeff RiceHead Women's Basketball Coach[email protected]423-746-5256
 Jessica EdwardsHead Cheerleading/Dance Coach[email protected]423-746-5331
Men's Cross Country
 Shawn Jakubowski Head Men's Cross Country Coach[email protected]423-746-5305
Women's Cross Country
 Shawn Jakubowski Head Women's Cross Country Coach[email protected]423-746-5305
Dance Team
 Jessica EdwardsHead Cheerleading/Dance Coach[email protected]423-746-5331
Men's Golf
 Mike PoeHead Men's Golf Coach[email protected]423-746-5264
Women's Golf
 Jeff RiceHead Women's Golf Coach[email protected]423-746-5256
 Stan HarrisonHead Women's Golf Coach[email protected]423-746-5310
Men's Lacrosse
 Kevin ParkerHead Men's Lacrosse Coach[email protected]423-453-5692
Women's Lacrosse
 Emily ClevengerHead Women's Lacrosse Coach[email protected]423-453-5693
Men's Soccer
 Stephen LyonsHead Men's Soccer Coach[email protected]423-453-5691
 Martyn BlankleyAssistant Men's Soccer Coach[email protected]423-453-5691
Women's Soccer
 Naomi ClarkeHead Women's Soccer Coach[email protected]423-453-5689
 Toby BrooksHead Softball Coach[email protected]423-746-5254
 Cyndy Gilpin-DavisAssistant Softball Coach[email protected]423-746-5254
Men's Tennis
 Eric LaRueHead Men's Tennis Coach[email protected]423-252-1361
Women's Tennis
 Eric LaRueHead Women's Tennis Coach[email protected]423-252-1361
Women's Indoor Track
 Shawn JakubowskiHead Women's Track Coach[email protected]423-746-5305
Women's Outdoor Track
 Shawn Jakubowski Head Women's Track Coach[email protected]423-746-5305
Men's Indoor Track
 Shawn JakubowskiHead Men's Track Coach[email protected]423-746-5305
 Ashley HarrisHead Volleyball Coach[email protected]423-746-5228
Men's Outdoor Track
 Shawn Jakubowski Head Men's Track Coach[email protected]423-746-5305
Men's Bowling
 Matt HarperHead Bowling Coach[email protected]423-746-1465
Women's Bowling
 Matt HarperHead Bowling Coach[email protected]423-746-1465